Expat Tips – Colombia Cedula Extranjeria:

18 febrero, 2016 en

Tips for expats – Colombian ID Card / Colombia Cedula Extranjeria:
We like to remind everyone that most everything that involves a contract in Colombia becomes more complicated if you do not have a Colombian ID card. The Colombian ID card is called the cedula, and the ID card for foreigners is referred to as the cedula para extranjeros. In order to get a bank account, banks will usually insist on you having a cedula first. Additionally getting a cell phone plan or signing a rental contract with a real estate company for a non furnished apartment requires a cedula in most cases. Migracion Colombia issues cedulas after you obtain a visa from a consulate or the Ministry of Foreign Realtions in Bogota. Cedulas have the same time length as the Colombian visa. They are also required when you get a visa for 3 months or longer. Visas y Tramites Internacionales provides free assistance with obtaining the cedula with all visa applications we process.



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