Asset Liquidation

22 September, 2014 en

Liquidation Assets

In Colombia there is a separate process for the liquidation of assets as well as child custody hearings.

A Pre-divorce liquidation of assets is another way you can protect your assets in Colombia. For example, in divorce proceedings in the United States you cannot liquidate assets before the divorce has been finalized, but in Colombia you can actually liquidate assets obtained in the marriage the first day of the marriage. Since this can only happen once, this process is another form of protecting you.

Costs for Colombian Liquidation Services

Apostilles, Translations, Legalizations bora

$175 USD ( US CITIZENS $0) + 50 USD

$175 USD (US CITIZENS $0) + 95.000 Pesos

Professional Services for Basic Liquidations

$900.000 COP / $300 USD

Apostilles, Translations, Legalizations

65 – 95 USD (Legalize and Translate Foreign Documents )

Notary Fees

$40 USD
$120.000 Pesos

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