Colombia Marriage Visas

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We are Visas y Tramites Internacionales, a Colombian company with our primary office located in Medellin, Colombia Visas y Tramites Internacionales offers commercial and immigration legal services through our offices in Medellin, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Bogota. Our company offers a full range of commercial & immigration legal services for immigrants migrating to the United States or Colombia. We have licensed attorneys in Medellin, Colombia
From simple on person corporations to mulitnational corporations with our legal expertise you wont have a problem expanding your presence in Colombia.

These services are complemented by professionally licensed accounting and messenger services which are designed to help expats moving abroad to Colombia, or helping Colombians move to the United States. Visas y Tramites is owned and managed by James Lindzey, who is an american expat living in Colombia for since 2005. We have lawyers on available in our offices in Colombia, as well as with partner law firms in the United States.

IMPORTANT TRANSPARENCY DISCLAIMER: We do not sell immigration, tax, or any application forms or services which are available for FREE by government agencies. As part of our commercial and immigration services we legally assist our clients complete immigration, tax, or business forms FOR FREE. As a client who has paid for one of our qualifying visa, immigration, or commercial services you qualify for this free service. As we are a PRIVATE company and not afilliated with a government agency, goverment and other 3rd party services such as translations, notary, messenger and mail fees are charged apart from our legal and document services. Complete quotes and contracts are provided for our services upon being hired.

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Expat Tips – Colombia Cedula Extranjeria:

18 February, 2016 en

Tips for expats – Colombian ID Card / Colombia Cedula Extranjeria:
We like to remind everyone that most everything that involves a contract in Colombia becomes more complicated if you do not have a Colombian ID card. The Colombian ID card is called the cedula, and the ID card for foreigners is referred to as the cedula para extranjeros. In order to get a bank account, banks will usually insist on you having a cedula first. Additionally getting a cell phone plan or signing a rental contract with a real estate company for a non furnished apartment requires a cedula in most cases. Migracion Colombia issues cedulas after you obtain a visa from a consulate or the Ministry of Foreign Realtions in Bogota. Cedulas have the same time length as the Colombian visa. They are also required when you get a visa for 3 months or longer. Visas y Tramites Internacionales provides free assistance with obtaining the cedula with all visa applications we process. The Colombian ID card for foreigners usually takes 5-10 business days after the application is submitted. You may leave the cedula at Migracion Colombia for a few months if you are traveling. You may also leave a power of attorney with a friend to pick it up for you.