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19 September, 2014 en


The duration of the Colombia marriage visa, technically known as TP-10, is up to 3 years. A common law partnership usually receives a visa for only 1 year, but this varies depending on the officer’s decision, on where you apply and on your luck. Over the recent years the Ministry of Foreign Affairs required all newly married persons applying for a Colombian marriage visa to go to Bogota for an interview, however in 2015 very few of our clients have had to go to Bogota to apply for the Colombian marriage visa.

As far as the gay common law marriages,  this types of unions are now legal in Colombia and if one of them is a foreigner, he/she can apply for a a Colombian marriage visa. We offer a package which includes our legal assistance with a common law marriage, and the Colombian marriage visa, for both straight and gay couples. It’s important to have an experienced attorney and a notary with a good reputation, in order to have a succesful Colombian marriage visa process.

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Other related services we offer are:

Costs for Colombian Marriage visa

Interpreter Fees

$150.000 COP / $45 USD

Legal Services for Colombian Marriage Visa

$1.155.000 COP / $350 USD

Apostilles, Translationss, Legalizations

65 – 95 USD
930.000 COP

Gov. Visa Fee

282 USD
117 – 171.000 COP

Messenger, Mail, and Notary Fees

$20 USD up to $100 USD
$36.000 Pesos up to $200.000 Pesos

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