Legalize Marriage in Colombia

22 September, 2014 en

Legalize Marriage in Colombia

Legalizing a marriage in Colombia is for couples in which one of the persons married is a Colombian citizen, and thet wish to register a foreign marriage in Colombia. This process involves legalizing the foreign marriage certificate, which is a four-steps process, and vary slighlty depending on the country of origin. This process does not work for two foreigners who wish to register a marriage in Colombia, one of the persons needs to be a Colombian citizen.

The four steps for the Legalization process in Colombia is:

1) Obtaining an original certified marriage certificate

2) Obtaining an apostille or a legalization in the country of origin

3) Translation of document to Spanish in case it is not already in Spanish

4) Legalization in Colombia. The legalization may be completed at the consulate or 1st Notary in Bogota.

For the above reasons, many people find it easier to conduct a civil union in Colombia as many times it’s cheaper and faster than legalizing foreign marriage documents. For only $200 USD CL&A will perform this service for you in Medellin, Colombia, as it is the most favourable city for civil union because notaries here generally do not require birth certificates or marriage certificates from other countries to perform the civil unions. A civil union complies has most of the legal benefits as a normal marriage, such as immigration, health and pension benefits, which a normal married couple may have.

Costs for Legalization of Marriage in Colombia

Professional services for Colombian civil union

$200 USD for legal fees


 Notary and Interpreter Fees

$50 USD for Notary fees
$30 USD for Interpreter (required by Notary)

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