Registration Foreign Marriage

22 September, 2014 en

Registration Foreign Marriage

In certain circumstances, if you come to Colombia with a person who you married in a different country (for example, the U.S.) then your marriage can be registered with the Colombian government via a notary in Bogota or specially designated notaries in major cities.  You may also register a foreign marriage in a Colombian consulate outside of the country.

There are many special requirements to register a foreign marriage, so we definitely suggest the assistance of a qualified attorney who has experience with consular messenger services. You should know also that every Colombian consulate works in its own way.

Costs for related costs to Registration of Foreign Marriage in Colombia

Certified Translations

$12 USD per page

$26.000 COP por página

Apostilles in USA

$75 USD (For Florida State)

$100 – $200 USD (For other States)

International Mail

$100 USD (Fedex or DHL)

Consular Messenger

$50 USD for Consular messenger services

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